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    One, customs agents matters are as follows:

    ※ State shall allow the import and export of any product can be an agent, our mutual benefit, mutual trust principle, wholeheartedly with your factory (company) cooperation.

    ※ Guichang (company) of the goods will be used by the Company's documents and information to form general trade ports in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the customs exit, no Guichang (company) manuals, foreign exchange, your factory (company) just to provide detailed Data can be shipped. Guichang so easy export formalities, thus saving costs, our company can create more exports, and mutual benefit.

    ※ goods declaration the day before or above, your company to provide detailed shipping information (include: shipping time, name, brand, size, quantity, net weight, gross weight, consumption country, port name, etc.), the need to inspection of goods Division I send send sample inspection, transportation by the Guichang (company) or Division I running the agency may, freight Guichang (company) processing.

    ※ In the clearance process, documents and materials as a result of our reason, or do not press Guichang declaration or contravention declaration, all the losses caused by our company is responsible, if the issues your company to provide product information and export of goods caused by discrepancies The seizure fees, shall be responsible for your factory, our company can help solve.

    ※ agency fees according to species, quantity, the decision was made after consultation between the parties, the specific situation are welcome to inquire or interviews.

    Second, the agent import declaration advantages:

    The manufacturers (companies) must provide templates or product specification, packing list (name, net weight, gross weight, box number, number, product specifications, models, value, purpose, origin). Attachment: tax declaration should reflect on whether a second receiving unit. After the client whether to import the original declaration and the original tax bill, whether the customer has other requirements, may negotiate handle!

    Third, to provide verification form, collection of foreign exchange, collection of foreign money, cash and flexible.

    Fourth, the export tax rebate agent general trade (providing cotton, cotton yarn). Contractual document declaration services.

    The export tax rebate business:

    1, the factory / business / company is the general taxpayer-oriented enterprises, the excess input VAT monthly ticket (to be there in the export tax rebate of products),

    Can be opened to the Division I specify the company's reputation, I am certain the Secretary refundable fare to your company, so for enterprises to increase revenue, improve margins, to achieve win-win.

    2, the factory / business / company is the export tax rebate-type or the general taxpayer-oriented enterprises (such as: textiles, clothing, electronic products, electrical appliances, footwear, wood furniture, chargers, monitors, cell phones, cloth, etc.) have rebate verification form, but the export product is not enough. Division I with a number of single-handedly making the Shenzhen customs broker has a good working relationship with the connections, there are plenty of real goods exports many products, container volume is sufficient. According to your requirement agent rebates write off a single declaration, a single security, speed fast, the factories, enterprises to create greater profits.