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    Choose our international courier service, you can your shipment will pass a number of routes sent to any country in the world, an account that allows you to easily have FEDEX / UPS / DHL / TNT / express lanes of the full range of services, so that You better choose your courier shipment way, save your cost, we promise: no matter what way you choose shipped, your shipment will be sent to reach your guests safe hands!

    Specific products and services as follows:

    1.DHL International Parts Service:

    Our company agent for DHL, transit via DHL Express Division I, DHL can enjoy the same service, the same day in DHL official website, this service price, safety, timeliness and security, heavy goods with low price!

    2.FedEX International Parts Service:

    Division I by the federal transit through international express mail, the service is fast, convenient query, safe and reliable, the United States in a day of service, the international heavy goods with special offers.

    3.TNT International Parts Service:

         Our company is an agent of TNT, all Division I transit through the day at TNT Express TNT official website, this service is fast, convenient query, safe and reliable clearance capacity in Western Europe particularly strong delivery capability.

    4.UPS International Parts Service:

    FudExp UPS Express is one of the agents in Hong Kong, especially for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, large cargo, heavy cargo, the next access, timeliness requirement is not very strong for heavy cargo can choose this service, the person responsible for operating, Shenzhen, Hong Kong transit UPS business , flexible and convenient.

    5 IPLC Services:

    International line is our main business project, which integrates the advantages of service providers around the world, with a good price, process control, flexible operation, safety, delivery speed, and other areas. Current line has been opened about 40 countries, including around the world dedicated to pay, prepaid services. Our company has been operating in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other lines up to express the next day.


    1, to facilitate the timely shipment of goods, delivery please provide commercial invoice in duplicate, specifying the goods in detail the name, quantity, value, express shipment Brazil need to provide local companies heading!

    2, all express the country of destination is not included tariffs, storage and other costs, if you are sent to the remote destination country belongs to the range, the company will impose certain remote accessory costs, published on the website in accordance with specific standards for collecting standard charge. About to pay the shipment, the recipient refuses to accept this shipment, our company will receive express freight shipper, this fee does not discount!

    3, You will be asked for their own packing fragile items, such as packaging behalf of our company, our company does not assume any broken this cargo corresponding responsibility.

    4, chargeable weight are based on the actual shipment weight and volume compared to the weight, whichever is greater for the chargeable weight, volume weight is calculated: Dedicated maximum width × high × maximum width / 6000, other countries ( Western Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, etc.) volumetric weight calculation method: maximum width × high × maximum width / 5000, some countries have let soak, please consult salesman.