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    How do international parcel mail

    For some just do foreign friends often ask how mail international parcels? Currently our domestic mail international parcels basically only two. One is the state-run postal international courier. One is private, four international express delivery.

    International postal international express mainly the following channels:

    1, China Post parcel: Press grams billing for 2KG following goods, the value of the goods is not high, less demanding on time. 5-10 days to Asia and neighboring countries; 7-15 days to major countries in Europe and America; Other regions and countries 7-30 days. Post Post registered parcel into two peaceful, registration can track surface can not be tracked. The following is the latest China Post parcel price. Division I basically played in this price 7.2 fold.

    2, China Post international parcel. Suitable for 2-30KG weight of the goods. Press grams billing, China Post post office announced a large package price price 9.5 fold. International parcel is divided into air, water and land transport, air land and sea transport. Among the most expensive air, land and water is the cheapest. Registration can be tracking.

    3, EMS International Express: The main advantage of the price, if the goods leave small pieces of proposed election EMS, (Express Mail Service, Express Mail, he is the founder of the Universal Postal Union) because the price is the cheapest figure . In addition, when your goods can not be delivered abroad, then, EMS can help you shipped back for free. Other large companies overcharged goods brought back from abroad must return freight transport, and is not discounted, the price is high.

    Private international express mail international parcels are sent major domestic DHL and UPS:

    1, UPS international express: an American Express, UPS Asia Pacific Region was founded in 1988 and headquartered in Singapore, Ken Torok, President, Service Area: more than 40 countries and regions in Asia Pacific; Employees: 4,600 Asia-Pacific region, the world's 384,000 ; Asia Pacific delivery fleet of over 1,000 vehicles (van parcel vans, trucks and motorcycles); operating mechanism (transfer station and the center) over 100; daily Vessel segments: Asia Pacific internal 133 International 69; airport services: internal Asia-Pacific region 14, the International 9; Asia Pacific Aviation transit stations: Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Pampanga (Pampanga)

    2, DHL International Express: a German courier company, is the first to enter the Chinese giant multinational courier, DHL companies from Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn founded in 1969 in of California. DHL currently in 229 countries 675 000 destination station, more than 20,000 vehicles, more than 60,000 employees in the United States and Europe and has more than 300 aircraft. DHL headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, is the integration of Deutsche Post, DANZAS, DHL is made of three parts; now owned by Deutsche Post World Net 100%.

    These are the methods of international mail parcels. If you are looking for the post office and direct international courier company, the price will be very expensive, because they are not discounted. We are four international postal and courier agent, part of the channel up to 70% off. Welcomed the consultation.