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    How fake, fake brand goods products such restrictions send parcels will be handled?

    1 parcel shall enclose the customer cash, flammable, explosive, fragile items, related to copyright, the intellectual property rights, illegal goods, as well as the airline and the law prohibited article, the courier will not transport. Loss of customers for a breach of the prohibition of all consignments requirements caused by courier will not assume any responsibility.

    2. Courier after receiving customer parcels, parcels will be sampling the goods. If found fake, fake brand goods, dangerous goods, Courier will buckle under the day's violation of this customer to send parcels, and can be returned to the customer after the detention of a week.

    3 If fake, fake brand goods, dangerous goods and other checks to not express, but was seized by customs, and the loss of all the responsibility borne by the customer. The company claims rights to this customer retention.