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    International express shipping calculation method is how?

    A calculated price based on the first renewal of the price per kilogram of weight
    Currently DHL, EMS, FEDEX large commodity price, TNT big prices of goods suitable for this way of calculating the price
    Operators of small cargo less than 21KG goods, 21KG and above large cargo freight operator
    Precision small cargo minimum weight 0.5KG, large cargo minimum weight accuracy 1KG
    The first weight means a small cargo parcels are divided into several 0.5KG, the first led by heavy 0.5KG
    Added weight means small cargo parcels deducted first 0.5KG, after each 0.5KG is an added weight, lack 0.5KG 0.5KG calculated in accordance with

    For example: 4.3KG = 1 個 first heavy +8 continued heavy
    Small cargo formula: total price = (first + N a continued heavy weight) * fuel costs, such as 4.3KG to a country, the first weight 100, the fuel is 11 percent, added weight 20 yuan. Total price = (first re +8 added weight) * 1.1 = 286 yuan
    Large cargo formula: Total price = price per kilogram of total weight X X fuel surcharges, such 21.7KG 52 yuan / KG, so the total price = 22KG * 52 * 1.14

    Second, the weight of the published prices found the price corresponding weight
    Currently UPS, TNT, FEDEX small purchase price, TNT small price to calculate the prices of goods in this way
    This price is relatively better check the parcel according to the purpose of the State to investigate the corresponding price and weight in the table and add fuel surcharges.
    Also, the price of 71 kg UPS slightly different calculations, more than 71 kilograms of cargo, UPS has a minimum charge, based on the price per kilogram provided by UPS and parcel weight requires more than the price calculated on the minimum fee, whichever is the maximum value pricing, The value then plus fuel surcharge.

    The relationship between the volume and weight of goods
    Relevant professional terminology: foam goods, heavy timber
    Air cargo and express cargo should be calculated based on the volume of goods is not soaked goods.
    Wrapped in heavy timber means calculated in accordance with the calculation of the weight of the volume of each courier company results
    PaoHuo means that when the timber than the actual weight, the bubble wrap for the goods.

    DHL, UPS formula
    Timber weight = length (CM) X Width (CM) X High (CM) / 5000
    Timber weight = length (CM) X Width (CM) X High (CM) / 6000