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    The hegemony of the dollar decline, China will be on the global issue orders left and right!

    The United States credit rating was downgraded caused global panic, but the grim situation has not made the United States political forces will "internal strife" use. The United States Treasury Secretary Geithner 7, lashed out at the United States of America S & P to downgrade "poor judgment".

    The United States Senator day is busy each other will be a credit downgrade blame others, some Republicans have called for the resignation of Geithner. Obama also was roundly criticized.

    "The financial crisis: the world impact" feel the United States downgrade, British "Guardian" 8 days to use said, India and China have attacked the United States on the huge debt casually treatment, said the White House is facing severe challenges. It is clear that the old order has been cleaned up.

    Until recently, the United States still allow all doubt economic superpower, the White House claims on the market gave orders prospects can not imagine, not to mention Beijing and New Delhi.

    But losing $3 in world stock markets last week, standard & Poor's downgraded to the United States of America, the turning point that could become a global power shift from the United States to china. No one knows what will happen this week, but no one believe that the global economy can return to normal as usual, the world is at peace.

    A similar argument in the international public opinion field popular. "Korean Daily" say 8 days, seemingly unshakable American sovereign rating was lowered, is "70 years of dollar hegemony era began to decline" symbolic event.

    The analysis thinks, in American political turmoil surrounding sovereign debt challenge the dollar hegemony, hegemonic military hegemony and images with the support of America "sole superpower" status were also hit hard. Along with the defense budget being trampled upon the "chicken", the United States also began in the foreign military intervention plan for "money" concerns.

    British "Daily Mail," says 7 days, the Obama administration has shown himself unable and unwilling to play a leadership. Even once supported his left to run away. The global system is the United States of America rule staggers into the final scene. The United States of America pain can only enhance China's position. Turbulence in global financial markets all the uncertainty in one thing is for sure, that is power inexorably towards the east.

    '"after the Western era' will be what kind of?" "Forbes" website this question. Reported that, in developed countries, the economic crisis is accelerating in China and other emerging countries dominate the world economy schedule.

    If nineteenth Century belongs to Europe, the United States in twentieth Century to twenty-first Century, may belong to Asia, whether good or bad. "After Western era" looks like this: the International Monetary Fund rescue Europe, instead of Latin America, Asia is not.

    India lend to Europe, to help overcome its debt crisis. When the United States and Europe want to bomb a GDP scale nation such as New York, emerging countries firmly opposed, and be put in a quandary. Investors want to know Chinese woman in summer, want to buy what kind of shoes, not the Americans are buying what.