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    The British media: China brand "stand up" for the market!

    British "Financial Times" website in December 2nd, the original title: China, brand: stand up to be sure? Many want to build global brand of the China Company have chosen to hide the origin of goods, because the "made in China" label is often associated with cheap, poor quality and safety products, the label has no value.

    But Britain, leading brand consulting company said in a statement, the concealment strategy is wrong.

    Based on interviews with Britain, France and Germany nearly 1500 consumers, the recently released report said, if the Chinese brand to be more transparent about its origin and mode of production, they will sell better in europe.

    The report suggests, China pioneer brand really should be advertised their origin, become the standard vector Chinese brand -- show the true Chinese goods to the people, this is a big opportunity.

    These are on the right, but the Chinese brand with the negative impression is not particularly easy to eliminate.

    The report said: "more than 1/3 of the respondents said, they will not consider buying Chinese brands, mainly because of its production process concerns."

    The report points out, most respondents impression of Chinese brand is the lack of information.

    Although the media reported that a large number of well-known multinational enterprises problems such as apple or Nike, such as labour standards and environmental impact, but there is no evidence that the public will bring permanent damage to the brand.

    For Chinese brands, the actual situation is exactly the opposite. Although few Chinese brands to obtain specific information of the production process, but the foreign consumers have generally tend to be skeptical.

    According to the report, leading brand of consulting company, Chinese brand to European consumers only positive impression is low price, internationalization and ambitious -- these factors rarely make consumers and some branding emotional connection.

    On the other hand, Chinese brands in other important areas of word-of-mouth is still surprisingly poor -- only 3% of respondents believe that Chinese brand is very reliable, 2% of respondents believe that it is of good quality, 16% of the respondents think that it is worth buying, and 2% of the respondents think it worthy of trust. The overall impression of a national brand, consumers will influence the brand in the market pricing.

    In addition, China brand if selection on the market will be able to get a better opportunity. The report shows, although the French and German consumers have strong doubts about Chinese brand, but the British consumers usually foreign brands, more open, to China's commodity bias at.

    So, if you want to upstream for potential market brand in China, Britain is probably the best starting point for you to open the situation.

    Chinese brands face grim challenge

    There are many reasons for the western critical of China's economic future. Some people criticize China's economic and political system is not compatible. But the opposition has always been there, frankly, it has in the past decades of Chinese economic growth does not cause any adverse effect. Perhaps the most important reason is, China lacks the source on the local, radiation world charming brand.

    China's economic growth is more dependent on low cost manufacturing, rather than the ability of innovation and production is very attractive to consumers products. Chinese enterprises will one day will not be able to pursue low cost, by then, China's economic growth will fall into the endless pause. Chinese brand manufacturing others products is risky. In the short term may have good prospects of gain, but constantly changing trade policy and the political factors can be an easy job to empty a country's wealth.

    Joe? Elbaradei is not the first to think of many Asia Inc -- especially China Company do not have a strong brand cause market experts. In his new book, "Asia brand cruel reality: how to break the vicious spiral", Elbaradei thinks the development of consumer brand in Asia will be a Large Firm, in particular, is an important step in future China Company. At the same time, it is also necessary to excessively sensitive prove to the American public, business with China did not only bring cheap products, also can improve the lives of everyone to bring fresh ideas.

    China's manufacturing industry and consumer goods industry is closely related to the United States of america. Therefore, many observers think, China Company will be developed to create customer group brand, and enter the markets of developed countries. But until now, this assumption is not. Elbaradei said: "the vast majority of (China) brand has a strong local reputation...... But with the exception of a few, they failed to replicate the success in outside its domestic market." Although the United States on store shelves may be filled with "made in China", but they are in the United States do not have the consumer recognition.

    Asian people ignore the "consumer brand decision" that the United States of America commercial law, they attach too much importance to the accumulation of wealth. Excessive pursuit of profits may be commercial enthusiasm was suppressed after finding the vent results. You know, many years ago to do business in China or even illegal.

    For Western consumers, "made in China" on behalf of many, one of which is of inferior quality. The Chinese government understands this, which is why Beijing in the New York Times Square and television advertising advertising part. This not only shows the necessity of concerns about China's dangerous political dispel outside, also indicates the necessity of remolding Chinese brand. Today, China's powerful brand is not really exist. But Elbaradei thinks, a be worthy of the name of Asian or Chinese century almost something that's final...... If Western companies don't like force and competition in China, the future they will be less willing to China and brand building ability competition.