Granny helps the newborn orca to breathe Orcas with other creatures from the Salish Sea The Superpod gathers! Granny leaping up out of the water Four orcas spyhopping together

Selected illustrations by Ann Jones from "Granny's Clan"

Granny's Clan: A Tale of Wild Orcas

Written by Dr. Sally Hodson • Illustrated by Ann Jones

Just imagine — you are a young orca whale. Your special friends are two cousins and your 100 year-old great grandmother, the clan leader. You learn to play with them, face danger with them, hunt with them — and even go people-watching with them! Based on actual orca — or killer whale — research, this book combines science with the real story of how family, friendship, and a grandmother's love are helping this magnificent but endangered orca clan to survive.

What others have to say about the book . . .

  "Killer whales — orcas — are to the sea what we are to the land: intelligent, social, talkative, and playful. I love this story of Granny and her family, the J pod. Granny's Clan perfectly combines wonderful storytelling and beautiful illustrations to captivate young minds and help them to appreciate that every individual matters, every species counts. As my late father, Jacques Cousteau, used to say, 'people protect what they love.' After reading this story you will fall in love with orcas." — Jean-Michel Cousteau, filmmaker and founder, Ocean Futures Society

  " . . . Granny's Clan by Sally Hodson, PhD, is about orcas (killer whales) in the Pacific Northwest. From the beginning of the book when Granny helps her great-grandchild reach the surface to take its first breath to the end of the book when the matriarch sings songs to her whole clan that has gathered, the story follows her family as they go about their day. It is beautifully illustrated by Ann Jones. I think after reading this book, kids would love to imagine what it would be like to see these whales in the wild." — Tropic Home & Family – Holly Ambrose (September 2012)

  "This is a true story, pieced together from observations of an orca clan in the Pacific Northwest. The clan is lead by 100-year-old Granny. Granny babysits, teaches, and leads her family away from danger. She preserves the rituals that orca clans engage in to keep their families together. Dr. Hodson has carefully observed orca behavior for years and she tells their tale with great insight and love. Her words make the family come to life, and Ann Jones renders the bold, black and white giants' movements against colorful backgrounds. The illustrations invite the reader to swim along with the clan from page to page. The end of the book contains in depth information about Granny's clan and orcas in general. It's a great gift item for young and old alike." — Retailing Insight – Anna Jedrziewski (September 2012)

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Bookcover of "Granny's Clan"
  • "Granny's Clan: A Tale of Wild Orcas"
  • by Dr. Sally Hodson • Illustrated by Ann Jones
  • Publisher: Dawn Publications
  • Publication date: September 1, 2012
  • Ages 4-10  •  32 pages  •  9" x 11"
  • Available in hardcover and paperback

Attention educators . . .

The website of Dr. Sally Hodson, author of "Granny's Clan: A Tale of Wild Orcas," includes a free downloadable Activity Guide to learn more about orcas and their lives in the sea.

The website of publisher Dawn Publications also includes free downloadable activities based on the book "Granny's Clan" on its Activities page.

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